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Did anyone see it?

There is a creeper in the pony shop :3

It's been a while....

but i can officially say I am speechless. This flash was amazing beyond words and more than deserving of the Daily 1st! Not only was the animation silky smooth, the song fit so perfectly. Thanks for making this godly flash!

I hope Journey sees this!

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So fucking true...

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It may be Metroid with a snail...

But it's a damn good game! Everything from the sound to the level layouts and enemy positioning was stupendous. Metroid is probably one of the hardest NES games to reproduce without copying and you did a wonderful job. The whole wall climb mechanic is extremely well implemented and everything is very, very smooth.

As for improvement...
For the most part the graphics looked great, but i do feel that you could have put a tad bit more effort into the snails themselves. The flowers, walls and enemies all have shading, but the snails seem to void of any lighting whatsoever. This is minor, however.

The only glaring problem I felt this had was the invisible wall's foreground images. If you could have dimmed them a bit or something so that we could see where the snail was after being completely inside a secret area then that would have been much better than wondering around blindly. Also, the bullet layering is a bit weird in them, too. While firing any sort of projectile while inside a secret passage you were able to see the bullets as if they were coming from nowhere. This issue could be solved by making rendering the ammo 1 layer deeper than the walls, so fixing it may or may not be something you'd like to do.

Overall, this is a really fun game and I enjoyed every second of it. Yes, it could use some tweaks and such, but as complex and massive as this I'm not surprised there isn't more. Thanks for making this, it was a nostalgic blast! Grats on the Daily Feature and keep up the great flash games!


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It's been SOOOOO long since i've played a game as fun as this. Yes, it was short, but I've have very few LONG games entertain me this much! Amazing fucking job!

Mixed feelings

The game is actually pretty good as far as the story goes, even if its nearly the same thing as the book I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. Despite how simple it is it really gets you sad for the people involved. I love it, but I wish I didn't have to clear my cookies just to try again. The concept of being unable to continue is unique, but it is a tad bit annoying for the people who made the wrong choices.

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The main run sounds very much like the main run for "For Science!". Can't wait to see what this is like when it's finished, man. Sounds great so far!

Keep up the fucking awesome tunes!

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Calming and wonderful are both understatements...

I really love how this whole thing came out. Both the ambiance and the main run are perfectly balanced and compliment each other very well. I set this to loop while I was programming today and it made the perfect background melody to keep me going.

The only reason I didn't give this a 10 is because the ending seems like it ends abruptly and in an off-beat way. I'm not sure what the correct terminology for it would be, but it's as if there was supposed to be a couple more notes but they just weren't there. Even for that one little thing, this is still one amazing song and I enjoy listening to it very much :)

4.5/5 (I voted 5 cause there is no 4.5 XD)

Again, amazing work. I really hope this gets the front page :)

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shades90 responds:

the ending was abrupt so it can loop for games, basically, it is supposed to continue to the beginning. I made it stop so someone can overlay the track so the reverb and delay isn't lost. i should note that in the description.


This is freaken great! I just love the entire thing! The bells and the electric guitar go great together and the song itself is beyond amazing! Not often i see someone actually take the time to lay an interesting note set :3 I'll be jamming to this for a while :D

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